Maori - Polynesien Tattoo Simon Sharks
Maori - Polynesien Tattoo                 Simon Sharks

Looking for a tattooartist, who knows about traditional tattoos (like Maori - Polynesien) ?? In Berlin ???

SUCCESS and a very friendly welcome on Simon Sharks website!

It doesn't matter if you want the first name of your child, your philosophy of life, a declaration of love to your partner, a small secret on a hidden place or simply a nice motive - you and I we find the ideal tattoo for you and I bring it under your skin professionally.


I'm a tattoo artist who has specialised in the traditional way. I'm very interested in the polynesian/maori history and I'm also want to know the meaning of all the symbols and the written word. So all my customers don't get only a nice picture, but also a tattoo with a deep meaning.

Of course I do things like writings, fantasy, old school and black and grey too, I'm looking forward to all your wishes which are coming throught the door :)

But enough of me, be my guests and enjoy the trip on my web-site!!

Here you can see the hand of destruction and it belongs: SIMON SHARKS

Who wants to meet me LIVE is invited to visit me;-)


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